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If you wear high heels or poorly fitting shoes, you could develop a bunion on your feet. Whether you were born with the tendency to develop bunions or your bunions have developed over time because of another factor, you'll get the dedicated care you deserve at Sprain Brook Podiatry.

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• Shifting soft tissue - cut tendons on the inside of the toe, bone making up bunion is shaved

• Shifting bone - most common, reduce angle between first and second toes, realign big toe, shave away remaining bunion

• Bone removal - a piece of bone behind the big toe joint is removed, after repositioning, bone may be held in place with a screw

Reliable surgical options

Just like every surgery, bunion surgery has a recovery period. Depending on what kind of surgical procedure you had, healing could take anywhere from a few weeks to several months. Ensure your feet heal correctly with the proper bandages and surgical shoes.


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Take care of your feet

You'll receive a comprehensive physical exam in order to determine the type of bunion you have and the best possible treatment from one of our certified Podiatrists.

Knowledgeable treatment

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