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Are you embarrassed to wear your sandals out in public or take your shoes and socks off at the gym? You no longer have to be ashamed of your toenails when you come to one of our board certified Podiatrists for a high-end laser procedure.

Enjoy FREE parking at both of our locations. We also make house calls for your convenience.

• Yellow streaks across your nails

• Discolored or thickened nails

• White spots

• Buildup of skin and other fragments underneath your nail

• Brittle and broken nails

•Brown and gray nail surfaces

• Soft and powdery nails

• Crumbly nails

Tell-tale signs of fungus

When used alongside a topical and dose of oral medication, the success rate of laser fungal removal is almost up to 90%. You'll get the nails you've always wanted in as little as one office visit with our trained professionals. Enjoy no risks and side effects as well.


Get healthier and clearer nails in 6 to 8 months when you come to Sprain Brook Podiatry.

Get the results you want

Hearing that a laser is going to be used on your body could be a scary thought. Feel comfortable knowing that our laser treatment is 100% safe, pain-free and FDA-approved.

Relax knowing you're in good hands

Improve the appearance of your nails