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If you're experiencing a burning, tingling or cramping in your feet after you've been moving around or standing for a length of time, you could be suffering from a Neuroma. You'll get a trustworthy diagnosis and treatment from the certified Podiatrists at Sprain Brook Podiatry.

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The most common form of therapy for a Neuroma is the addition of an arch support or foot pad into your shoe in order to reduce the pressure on your nerve.


You can purchase these inputs at an affordable price over-the-counter or have a custom-made input molded in our office to perfectly fit to your foot.

Easily relieve your pain

In addition to arch support and foot pads, you'll have the choice to try one of our other reliable treatments. We offer injection treatment, decompression surgery and nerve removal. Decompression surgery will cut the ligaments and bind the bones together around the nerve.


Nerve removal is only done if all other treatment options fail to relieve your pain.

Additional treatments

Similar to other foot pain, you'll undergo a complete evaluation from our trained professionals. X-rays, ultrasounds or MRIs will be used in order to get a better look at your condition.

How do you determine a Neuroma?

Do you feel burning when you walk?