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If warts go untreated, they can last for years and can spread to other parts of your feet or even other parts of your body. Avoid problems down the road when you come to our friendly and professional podiatrists. You'll get fast and efficient wart removal at an affordable price.

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Medication - apply acidic medication to the affected area, repeated over several weeks for maximum results

Curettage - wart removal using a small, spoon-shaped instrument, aesthetic can be applied for pain management

Laser - wart is vaporized using the light energy produced by a laser, anesthetic is used to lessen pain

Experienced treatment techniques

You can protect your feet from further infections by ensuring they are clean and dry at all times. If you are experiencing pain after a treatment, make sure you ask your Podiatrist before taking over-the-counter medications. Some medications could damage your skin.


Learn more about our state-of-the-art laser treatments.

Prevent further problems

Warts can sometimes have a similar appearance to a corn or callus but they typically have a spongy appearance with red, brown or black spots. Get reliable confirmation from our experienced staff.

How do you know it's a wart?

Remove painful growths on your feet